The Brexit has been completed and the United Kingdom has left the European Union. What Is happening  now? New regulations on all fronts. If we talk about trade there are new restrictions on British food products sent to the EU, for mobility British citizens can still travel to Europe but they need a visa if they want to stay for more than 90 days in a 180 day period. In addition, European pet passports are no longer be valid. So, British citizens  have to obtain a special certificate before their pets can travel with them to the continent. Travel no longer requires just an identity card, but also a passport valid for at least six months. London has advised Europeans travelling to the UK to purchase travel insurance policies that include medical emergencies before their departure. Also because the classic European Health Insurance Card is no longer valid. In order to work in the UK you need a visa, which can only be obtained if you are already employed.                                          Other changes include the end of the European agreement on mobile phone charges abroad and free roaming.   The advantages are that immigration is stopped and the American economy will give more power to the London stock exchange. The disadvantages are that British financiers will be able to do less business with Europe.

As a student I am obviously interested in the changes in the education sector and unfortunately the UK has lost its place in the Erasmus exchange programme between European countries, so British students may find it difficult to study in the European Union. This change does not affect students from Northern Ireland. The UK government has announced a new exchange scheme, starting in September 2021, similar to Erasmus but open to students from all over the world.

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Pandolfino Chiara



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