Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a famous French designer, capable with her work of revolutionizing the concept of femininity and
imposing herself as a fundamental figure in the fashion design and popular culture of the twentieth century.

She founded the fashion house that bears his name, Chanel. He began his career designing hats, first in Paris in 1908 and then in Deauville. The resounding success caught her in the twenties, when she came to open the doors of one of her offices on rue de Cambon in Paris. Subsequently her famous and revolutionary “tailleur” with whom she imposed a sober and elegant style with an unmistakable timbre. It can be said that Chanel replaced the impractical clothing of the belle èpoque with a wide and comfortable fashion. The most common colors of Chanel were dark blue, gray, and beige.
Great importance is given to the details and the extensive use of costume jewelry. Unfortunately with the outbreak of World War II she was forced to close the headquarters of rue de cambon leaving the store open only for the sale of perfumes.
In 1921 Chanel n.5 was created, according to Coco’s indications it had to embody a concept of timeless, unique and fascinating femininity. She decided to call her fragrance with a number, because it corresponded to the fifth olfactory proposal Ernest had made to her.
Unforgettable then, the famous statement of Marylin Monroe who, urged to confess how and with what clothing she went to bed, confessed: “With only two drops of Chanel N.5”, further increasing the fame of the designer. Finally, one of the phrases for which she is remembered is “fashion passes, style remains” which confirms her fantastic qualities.

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