Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is one of the most popular series on Netflix right now. It is the sequel of the famous movie Karate Kid that had a big success in 1984.

In “Karate Kid” Daniel LaRusso, who is new in Los Angeles, has to face some bullies, Johnny Lawrence and his friends, that practice a brutal karate at the Cobra Kai School and that want to make his life miserable. A Japanese handyman, Keusuke Miyagi, helps Daniel. He teaches him the noble art of karate that is not just power and strenght but energy and balance. Mr Miyagi thinks that the best way to solve the boy’s problem with the bullies is to partecipate to the All Valley Karate Championship. Daniel is determined to win and he win the biggest challenge of his life.

In Cobra Kai, 34 years after losing to Daniel La Russo in the All-Valley Tournament, Johnny Lawrence, an unemployed handyman rescues a teenage neighbor Miguel Diaz from a group of bullies. Johnny decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo and Miguel quickly becomes his star student. While Johnny hopes to recapture his glory days, his old rivalry with Daniel goes on. Daniel is now a successful car dealership owner who has been struggling to find balance in his life and with his family after the death of Mr. Miyagi. As his rivalry with Johnny worsens, Daniel opens the Miyagi-do dojo to counteract Cobra Kai and takes in Johnny’s son Robby Keene as his star student. Daniel and Johnny find themselves dealing with the consequences of their mutual animosity, and their rivalry affects their own students and families’ life.

Karate Kid and Cobra Kai are good action films. Mr Miyagi and Daniel La Russo are symbols of balance and spiritual energy. Johnny Lawrence and Kreese, his mentor, are symbols of hate and hunger, feelings that can destroy people’s life.

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