Christmas in the world

Christmas in pandemic

This year, as well as last year, the Christmas celebrations are very limited, this is due to the pandemic that in this period is affecting the entire planet: covid 19. We will have to celebrate at home and with a small number of guests to avoid the increase in infections. Despite this, this time of year always brings joy and hope to every family in the world. Everyone has their own traditions that are handed down from generation to generation and mainly concern the menu of the Christmas dinner, which is usually eaten in company.

Cultures traditions

In our country and in all countries of the world Christmas is always the most celebrated festivity, the favorite one of the children and the most beautiful time of the year. It is celebrated in many ways but the countries we want to talk about are the U.S.A, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.

In the U.S.A the ingredients of Christmas are many: from Santa Claus to wild shopping, from lucullian lunches to a thousand of decorations inside and outside home. Christmas period is lived intensely by all Americans.

In Italy the Christmas period begins with the Christmas Eve Mass. On the 25th the Italian get together with their family to spend beautiful moments. Gifts are unwrapped and cards or bingo games are played. They continue celebrating like this until 6th of January when the holiday ends.

In Spain, the celebration of Christmas is particulary felt. The festivities last from december 22nd to january 6th. It all begins with the draw for the Christmas Lottery, a very important event that contributes to the creation of the Christmas Atmosphere. The celebration continues on December 28th, the day of Los Santos Inocentes, during wich they make fun of each other.

Festive atmosphere, twinkling lights and traditional sweets characterize the time when the UK is at its best, Christmas. From December the British begin to open the advent calendar and a few weeks before the fatidic day they decorate houses and tree begins. In Great Britain Christmas is characterized by Christmas carol and by people in the pubs doing many activities.

Gastronomic traditions

To make every Christmas a special period, the menu of these days must be perfect.

In the U.S.A on the table the famous roast turkey that we see in all American films can not miss. Before being cooked, it is stuffed and spiced to serve it in the best way.

In Italy, famous in all regions, the exquisite lasagna stand out. The traditional one is the one with meat sauce but people indulge in making them with pesto, sausage, salmon and many other ways!

In Spain, on the other hand, everyone is dedicated to cooking galets, a typical food soup of Catalonia.

We fly to England and in every pastry shop we will find the mince pie that is a stuffed cake. These delicious sweets resemble tarts and are stuffed in different ways, there are those who prefer apple, raisins or red fruits.

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