Children’s rights

December 11, 2021 was the 75th anniversary of the birth of UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund).

UNICEF works around the world for the benefit of girls and boys. It wants to promote the respect for children’s rights which are written in the ONU Convention on the Rights of the Child (November 20, 1959).

Children’s rights are often trampled on and forgotten by adults, so I’d like to remind them to everyone.

“I” ask for the right to health care, the possibility of having the necessary medical treatment when I feel bad.

“I” ask for the right to be fed, to have bread at every meal to make every day less harmful.

“I” ask for the right to play, to be able to run, jump and stay in company every day.

“I” ask for the right to study, a school where I can learn, develop my personality and overcome my insecurities

“I” ask for the right to have a family, to receive a caress from mom and a hug from dad every day, a family that warms my heart and gives me so much love.

“I” ask for the right to be heard, to be able to express my opinion without having any limitations.

“I” ask for the right to be protected, to be able to live in a safe house where no one can scare me.

“I” ask for the right to life, to live happily ever after today, tomorrow and in every moment.

“I” ask only to be able to be a child, to grow up healthy, safe and free, to hope joy, peace and a future for a better world.

Unfortunately, even today there are many poor children who suffer from hunger, who are abused, exploited, discriminated or who are sick.

Protecting and safeguarding them is the main task of adults.

Defending children’s rights is the best thing adults can do. They are the future.

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