England is the home of football, the land where football was born. Chelsea Football club, known as Chelsea, is an English football club in the city of London, in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It isn’t the best football team in England at the moment , but it has made the history of football.

The colours of the uniform are a royal blue t-shirt and shorts with white socks. The club badge features a rampant lion holding a stick. The club has rivalry with Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur teams and a historic rivalry with Leeds United. The song historically associated with Chelsea is Blue is the Color, released by Daniel Boone and Rod McQueen on February 26, 1972. Another recent symbol of Chelsea is its official mascot, called Stamford the Lion, in honor of the stadium owned by the club. It is a lion that wears the current team jersey every year. The coach is Thomas Tuchel. Chelsea has won 5 English League Cups and 8 England Cups. Like other clubs, Chelsea too, especially in recent years, has worked in the social field, especially in the fight against racism: in fact, its participation in official UEFA campaigns, such as Kick Racism Out of Football, is well known.

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