The cartoon is an animation that was born as comic entertainment for an adult audience, then spreading to a younger audience. The cartoon was born as a drawing: a story told by means of a set of very colorful and detailed drawings. Originally the drawings were manual, but over the years various equipment were created to speed up and make perfect the production of cartoons: one of these tools is the cinema, creation of the Lumière brothers who invented a projector with photographic film instead of drawn strips. Initially, being a novelty, the cartoons were only visible to the cinema in the form of feature films or short films, but after the war they depopulated on television and nowadays they are on DVD and, in some cases, they are also protagonists of some advertising. All these changes, let’s say, this growth, allowed a remarkable graphic development compared to the beginnings and this led to their immense success. The first modern cartoon dates back to 1908 and is called “Fantasmagorie” and was a theatrical show during which images of skeletons and ghosts were projected on the wall; in 1917 “Felix Cat” enters the scene famous for its mimicry and cunning. At the beginning of 1900 famous are “Popeye” and “Betty Boop”; well-known are the cartoons of Hanna & Barbera (“Flinstones”, “Scooby-Doo”, “Braccobaldo” and many others) which then leave the scene to Japanese cartoons such as “Goldrake” or “Jeeg Robot d’Acciaio” which remain, even today, among the most beloved cartoons ever. The cartoons tried to talk about every topic: from sport to everyday life, from fights to fantasy. Who does not remember “Holly and Benji”, the story of 2 guys who love football and are in constant competition; “Mila and Shiro” in which a girl is struggling with the constant challenges that volleyball offers her and with heart problems; “Candy Candy” that, after adoption, he finds himself fighting against the love he feels for his adopted brothers; “David Gnomo” and his adventures in the village of the gnomes; “Memole” and the life of his elf friends; “The Smurfs”, of the little creatures Blue people living in a village in mushroom-shaped houses… many were the cartoons of the past that made us know the feelings, that made us cry at times and often ripped many laughs.

Then it’s the turn of “Gormiti”, “Ben 10”, “Dragonball” and “Simpson” that, unlike the cartoons of the 80s, have been followed by the adult audience for their language and their graphics. In 2015 the children watch “Peppa Pig”, the pig who lives adventures with his family, and “Manny handyman”, a guy who talks to work tools.

It goes without saying that cartoons, although of different types, depending on time and interests, accompany the entire course of childhood and beyond. They have the power to attract the attention of everyone, regardless of age, are rich in content and important messages, transport us into their imaginative world and convey a strong emotional charge. Although there are now also video games to entertain children, I believe that a good Disney-type cartoon is more reliable and educational.

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