Carolina Kostner is a very good skater,born in Bolzano, on February 8, of 1987. Does artistic ice skating,she is very good and therefore she has won many races,including world championships! She has received many medals and is therefore considered one of the best skaters in the world.Let’s try to find out more about her with a small interview! 

JOURNALIST: Hello Carolina! I’m very pleased, for me it  is an honor  to do an interview with one of my idols.

CAROLINA: Hello I am also pleased to meet you. I like interviews, it will be because I like to talk about my favorite sport  and me.

JOURNALIST: Do we want to start? Do you feel ready?      

CAROLINA: Yes, I feel ready! 

JOURNALIST: Good then let’s start!!with the first questions…

JOURNALIST: How old did you start skating?

CAROLINA: I started at four,despite my pattrinator mum,I had started alpine skiing, I was competing with downhill like my cousin,at first I had started skating for fun

JOURNALIST:Ok…when you started did you become  that famous as you are today?

CAROLINA: At first I didn’t believe in myself so much in fact my parents pushed me,anyway no I did not think I would become so famous in fact I thought I was not good…

JOURNALIST: Ah ok  so didn’t have so much self-esteem in you…you feel ready for the next question? 

CAROLINA: Yes I feel ready…

JOURNALIST: This is a very curious question because it is not found everywhere then… What are you eating? What does your diet include? Obviously you can’t eat everything right?

CAROLINA: So I love fruit and vegetables. I don’t like to eat meat even if for the competitive activity I do I have to eat it,the milk and egg I replace them with pudding and soya milk.I avoid hamburger and chips, instead I am always tempted for chocolate. For the breakfast I eat the porridge of rice,which is better than other grains,because the cold makes me suffer less, while I train it is good that I eat dried fruit to recharge my energy


JOURNALIST: Let’s go on. Has your height ever made you difficult for the sport you practice?

CAROLINA: I find it difficult on more than one exercise such as the top, the Flying camel but above all the layback spin I am taller than the average skater so I am “justified” so in this case my height creates problems and even discomfort.

JOURNALIST: So you also felt uncomfortable would you like to continue?

CAROLINA: Yes, of course we continue.

JOURNALIST: So … I know you have two children and one of them likes skating?

CAROLINA: Yes, I have two children but as they are young they are still not very interested in skating but more are not interested in sports.

JOURNALIST: Carolina was a real pleasure to meet you, the interview ends here but I hope to see you again so I can ask you other questions.

CAROLINA: It was a real pleasure for me too, yes, I definitely want to see you again now but I have to go bye to you soon!

JOURNALIST: Bye then! 

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