Can a bird be more sensitive than man?

Someone does not understand how important the “Holocaust Remembrance Day” is. It is celebrated on January 27th to honor all the victims of Nazism and to help prevent future genocides.
There are famous texts that explain what happened at the time of Nazism, such as “Anne Frank’s diary” or in this case “Il volo di Sara” by the writer Lorenza Farina.
I think it is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever read. It all begins with the separation of the Jewish child from her mum and her arrival at a concentration camp. The story is told by an unusual narrator, a robin, a small bird that is more sensitive than the “beasts” who rule in the camp.

In the time Sara spent there, in the concentration camp, only a robin kept her company and took care of her until the last of her days. Sometimes, the small bird brought the girl some pieces of bread he found, some potato peel, he stayed with her at night, trying to make her feel a little better.
Despite his efforts, Sara grew smaller and thinner.
The poor robin obviously couldn’t take her away from that horrible place so he decided to give Sara his wings to fly free in the sky, and other birds did the same with all the other children in the camp. Concentration camps were places too cruel for children.

In the book, as the writer said, three colors are very important: the grey/black that represents the smog coming out of the chimneys, the red that is the color of the blooding train and the light-blue of Sara’s dress and of her hair-ribbon that reminds us the color of the sky and then the hope of a better world.
Even though it’s really sad , this story helps us understand how tragic, atrocious, inhuman, cruel, apocalyptic, shameful, illogical and unbearable the Shoah was. It was something that must never happen again.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


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