Bye bye Coronavirus!!

Hello everyone, I’m Sofia and today I want to talk about something that has been talked about a lot in this period: the end of the state of emergency.

These two years of pandemic have been very difficult for all of us, especially emotionally. We have experienced a difficult period that we are now carrying behind us, this will be a small chapter of our life that has certainly changed us and that has now closed to give space to the beginning of something new.

It changed us a lot because in a few days from the declaration of this global pandemic, we were forced to stay at home, away from the people we love and we could only get out in emergency cases and with a mask. There is also someone who during this period has contracted this bad Coronavirus and failed to save themselves and those who remained deeply marked.

The cases of positivity increased day by day and we had reached a point of resignation such that we thought we wouldn’t win. Although it’s been a long time since the first Lockdown, I still remember the balconies of our houses filling up with rainbows and a phrase that said “Everything will be fine”. We, boys and girls, were forced to stay at home and stay away from our friends and relatives to protect them and ourselves; it wasn’t a simple time at all because it was as if someone invisible to us was depriving us of our freedom.

From this, however, we learned the importance of being close to our loved ones, starting by giving value to the time spent with them. In order to not  forget such an event and to remember it even to the following generations on March 18, all the victims of the coronavirus epidemic are remembered.

In my opinion, it was a good choice to establish a day in memory of all these people who were affected by this coronavirus to try to not forget. I’m very happy that medicine has moved on over time, that they have discovered a vaccine that can defeat this virus, and that I am in the luckiest part of the world where I can safely have access to vaccines in order to cure myself, I hope that in the future it will be so all over the world. Now that we have overcome all this, I can simply say that we have come out victorious after a long time away from our loved ones.

I think that the phrase written by Nicola Rubeis that says ” Behind a storm there is always a sun waiting” reflects very well these three bad years that fortunately remain only a memory.

Now we only hope that the war that is happening in recent months between Russia and Ukraine will end very soon and that the whole world can live in peace and serenity, because we all deserve to live in a peaceful world full of solidarity.

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Sofia Platania


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