In 2019 was taken the first photo of a blackhole: the famous blackhole M87*.

The first person to theorize the blackholes was Albert Einstein but the first person to discover the blackholes was Stephen William Hawking in 1916.

We think that a blackhole is a hole in the space but it is not exactly that.

A blackhole is a region of space where the space and the time stop. At the center of a blackhole there is a singularity (a singularity is a point infinitely small where the space-time breaks).

Around the singularity there is an illusive sphere called event horizon.

As you can see in the photo, the light can’t escape: once inside the event horizon. There’s a point in which the light orbits around the event horizon and if still more near the light, it can’t get out though it has an incredible speed.

How does a black hole origin? When a giant star creates iron in the core, it collapses into itself and the star shrinks in a point infinitely small or the singularity.

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