Black Lives Matter Movement and racism in the world

Unfortunately there is still a lot of racism in the world because there are still some close – minded people who have prejudices on black people.

One of the most famous example is the one of George Floyd, an Afro-American man murdered by a white police officer in Minnesota. The policeman killed him without a real reason. The 46-years-old man bought a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store in South Minneapolis on the evening of 25 May 2020. A shop assistant, believing he had used a counterfeit $20 bill, called the police after Mr Floyd refused to return the cigarettes or pay again.

Officers arrived and when they tried to put him into the squad car, he resisted. A struggle ended with Mr Floyd face down on the street. One of the policemen, Derek Chauvin, placed his left knee on Mr Floyd’s neck and shoulder, and kept it there for more than eight minutes. Two other officers helped pin him down, while another prevented witnesses from intervening. More than 20 times Mr Floyd said he could not breathe.

After this event a lot of adults and teenagers started protesting with a lot of billboards with some texts.

Everyone on social media started posting photos with the hashtag  BLM that means BLACK LIVES MATTER and they made this movement more viral than it was at first. Black Lives Matter was, in fact, actually created in 2013 .

Racism in The USA is an old story and it is strongly linked to the history of the country itself. Do you remember Rosa Parks? She was an activist and she was a symbol in 1955.

She was called “the mother of the civil rights movement” .

In 1955, because of segregation laws, there were different seats for white people and black people on buses. Rosa Parks didn’t like that and one day she sat on a seat that was just for white people. The bus driver asked her to free that seat but she refused and she was arrested; after this event a lot of people started protesting and they didn’t take the bus for one year. It was called the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

After that, segregation laws on public transport were abolished and buses started to have the same seats for everyone.

Martin Luther King was the leader of the protest and in his speech “I have a dream” he hoped that one day it would be no more racism, he dreamed that the Afro – Americans would have the same rights as white people. He dreamed that one day people wouldn’t be judged just for their skin color but for their character. His speech became a symbol of the fight against racism.

On my opinion, there is nothing wrong with being black: being black is so normal and being racist is useless, stupid and cruel.

I hope that one day we all will be able to live in peace.

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