Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush (commonly abbreviated BTR) is a comedy show, set in Los Angeles with a musical theme, about the band of the same name. The series became Nickelodeon’s second highest-rated sitcom, less than a month after it first aired, ranking behind iCarly. The show was created by showrunner and executive producer Scott Fellows for Nickelodeon, who created Nickelodeon’s sitcom Ned – School of Survival. The program incorporates the original music created for the show / band, thanks to an agreement between Nickelodeon and Sony Music to produce the series. This is Nickelodeon’s second series with a boy band, following The Naked Brothers Band. The series debuted with the 45-minute pilot episode, Big Time Audition, as a preview on November 28, 2009, which was followed by regular episodes lasting nearly 25 minutes, starting January 18, 2010, with the episode Big Time School of Rocque. Vision Visual Effects has created, in collaboration with Nickelodeon, a DVD collection in which all episodes of the four seasons of Big Time Rush are collected. In Italy, the pilot episode of the series, consisting of two episodes, was broadcast on May 28, 2010, as a preview, on Nickelodeon. The other 18 episodes of the first season were broadcast from May 15 to May 27, 2014. The other three seasons were aired, in absolute first viewing on Nickelodeon, from April 29, 2011 to October 19, 2013. In the clear was broadcast from 2014 on Rai Gulp. The series was replicated by Super! since 2017. As a child she was my favorite cartoon.

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