Being a teenager

My name is Carmine, I will be 13 in a few days and I am in the midst of adolescence. I am experiencing this transition in these three years of middle school.

Adolescence means growing up.

It is the period of development, of transition from childhood to adulthood and it goes from 12 to 19/20.

It is also the time of physical changes (hair, beard grows, voice changes) and psychological changes (interests and habits, relationships with parents and friends change). There are many fears. They are fears different from those of children: We are afraid of others, of not being accepted, of being judged too severely. However, it is time to start walking alone, to be responsible, to make decisions alone even if you make mistakes and it is important to talk to an adult even with a parent. Parents must remain present, talk to their children, support them, understand them because if the adolescent is alone, he seeks help in other things such as alcohol, drugs. These substances, if taken by young people, cause many problems to the health, to the heart, to the liver, to the brain.

There are also new addictions: the smartphone, the video games, the computer, Internet and other social networks that help teens spend their time when they are alone. But Internet and socials are dangerous too and they can cause depression, anxiety, sadness and can lead to suicide, when you have problems with your family or you are dissatisfied with yourself and your life and you have low self-esteem.

It seems to me that adolescence is a difficult period but our future depends on the way we face it.

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Carmine Maccarrone


III A – Furci Siculo


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