Before and After

Imagine you are at home in a normal day, and suddenly get to know a creature that can kill lots of people, however you don’t notice it immediately: initially, it appears like a normal influence, but after you know the real, ugly truth.

Well, in these two years our life was like this, between fear and asociality. On Google, the most searched worls are: Covid-19, symptoms, precautionary measures and so on. People spent time to watch Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and lots of series on Netflix. Admit it!

But now everything has changed, restrictions are less…restrictive and people start to be less worried.

In addition, masks are leaving us, because outdoors aren’t obligatory, but this already happens since 11th February. 

People aren’t hypochondriac like before, because the new variant is more contagious than the first variant, but also less dangerous, so hospitals are emptying and deaths are diminishing.

From 1st Abril Italy has “discolored”, don’t exist zone white, yellow, orange and red (Luckily!).

But Covid still exists, and we must try to defeat it altogether. Hope that Covid run away, leaving us in peace! 

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Fabio Di Mauro


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