Back to normality

On March 31, the state of emergency that for two years has led to the introduction of various measures to combat the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic ended.

The Council of Ministers on March 17, 2022, approved a decree-law that introduces urgent provisions to overcome the measures to combat Covid-19.

As stated in the statement of the Council of Ministers, the provision establishes:

  • obligation to wear masks: the obligation to wear ffp2 masks in indoor environments such as means of transport and places where shows open to the public are held is repeated until 30 April. In the workplace, on the other hand, it will be sufficient to wear respiratory protective equipment;
  • end of the system of colored zones;
  • capacity sports facilities: return to 100% outdoors and indoors from 1 April;
  • protocols and guidelines: any protocols and guidelines will be adopted by the order of the Minister of Health.

For the gradual return to ordinary life, the end of the system of colored zones, the overcoming of the green pass, and the elimination of precautionary quarantines is therefore envisaged.

in conclusion, finally, thanks to this decree we could begin a gradual descent, which will eventually bring us back to normal.

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Emanuele Cascio


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