In Australia, rodents are alarmed: the agricultural sector is devastated by a real invasion of mice that is destroying fields and crops.

An Australian farmer found dozens of rats while he was cleaning a grain machine.

Australian farmers are facing an invasion of mice that has already caused damage to some AUD 100 million at the moment. The problem is affecting several regions along a strip of about a thousand kilometers on the eastern part of the island.

The problem is that mice have very high reproductive rates: they can already be born at six weeks and can have a litter every 21 days. Thus the veterinary authorities and the Government have decided to issue an emergency permit allowing bait producers to double the toxicity of their products: the wheat baits will contain twice as much zinc phosphide on each grain.

A survey revealed that 94% of farmers already had to buy them, spending up to 150 thousand dollars. A third of them then reported food and cereal losses of between $50,000 and $150,000. And this without forgetting the health and psychological problems that such an invasion is causing.

Of course, then, farmers were also allowed to use these enhanced baits, but they ask the government for aid to be able to bear the cost. In fact, the most powerful baits will only cost an extra dollar per kilogram. But the problem is that normal baits are already in short supply and increased demand has driven prices skyrocketing.

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