Artistic gymnastics : some sport rules

Artistic gymnastic is an individual Olympic sport, both for men and women. The gymnast must have strength and speed. It’s my favourite sport.

What are its origins?

Artistic gymnastics originated in China, Egypt and Greece. For the ancients the physical exercises corresponded to athletics, wrestling and boxing. The Romans did not appreciate gymnastics,because they considered it proper to slaves or foreigners. In 1869, the “Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia” was created in Venice. Some tools need the use of protections. Falls, steps, poor techniques or elements performed incorrectly remove points.

In vaulting,  gymnasts have to run along a lane of 25 meters, jump on a platform and perform vaulting. You have to arrive in a “clean” way, that is, not there must be inaccuracies, and “land” within a defined portion of the carpet.
The male free body provides an exercise without music, on a platform 12X12 meters wide, while in the female free body, music accompanies the exercise. The exit from the platform penalizes the final score.
The “horse with handles” is equipped with handles mounted above the tool. The athlete must hold them  only with his hands and if he touches them with his feet, he is penalized.
The bar is composed of a single “staggio”, that is, a single support. Women’s tools
are asymmetrical or parallel parallels are a tool that requires strength in the arms. The movements are fast and there are some passages from one parallel to another or jumps.

The beam is a tool on which the athlete performs a series of jumps. You have a time of 70-90 Seconds. It is 500 cm long and 10 cm wide.

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