Artistic Gymnastics: it’s not just a sport

Artistic Gymnastics is a very dangerous but fascinating sport. This sport was born in Italy in 1807. It is an olympic discipline and is practised by boys and girls. For the women, there are four tools: Balance Beam, Floor/Floor Exercise, Vault, Uneven Bars. The male tools are: floor/floor exercise, still ring, pommel horse, high Bar, vault, parallel bars. Balance Beam is 10 cm wide and 5m long, rests on a 5×10 m rectangular mat and has an adjustable height which, according to FIG (Fédération Internationale De Gymnastique) regulations, should be placed at 1.25 m in Olympic competitions.
Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to score 10 at the Olympic Games, a competition in which she won five gold medals (1976-1980).

For the free body they use a square platform, or “square”, 12×12 meters wide, with one meter of “safety” around it. This platform allows an amplification of the momentum and at the same time an adequate arrival from jumps and evolutions. The female free body takes place on a platform similar to that of the male free body.
A famous gym in Italy is located in Lombardy, in the city of Brescia. Here train famous gymnasts such as Vanessa Ferrari, Alice and Asia d’Amato, Giorgia Villa and many others.

I have decided to write this article because artistic gymnastics is my favorite sport. I have been practising this sport for ten years. I have met many people, but only a few have become real friends and they are the girls with whom I share my passion. My teacher is unique and it is her who makes the gym unique and special. For me the gym where I train is everything, it’s a place where I feel safe when I have a problem, it’s a place where I feel free from everything, it’s my second home!

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