Last week our teacher’s lesson was about Sicily Grand Tour. Sicily was the destination of poets, writers, artists that were fascinated about this mysterious island…The travellers of the “Grand Tour” wrote their feelings in travel diaries and from 1770 and 1860 English, German and French travellers were the most active travellers and the first promoters of beauties of this universe-island that is Sicily.

At the end of the lesson our teacher gave us an original homework: “Give suggestions about a place to visit during your school trip”; then she asked us “Are you able to promote your Sicily like the artists of the past did?”
We all thought “There’s a lot of choice!” We worked to find as many suggestions as we could and the day after that’s what in turn we said.    

Today, Gaia said, we can dedicate ourselves to every type of tourism in Sicily: cultural, sport, experiential, gastronomic tourism… fun for everyone!  To please Vittoria, who loves food and gastronomic experiences, we can go to Palermo, a city known not only for its breathtaking landscapes and architectural beauties…Palermo hosts the international street food festival.  We can taste the best specialties from all over the world prepared in front of the public, the famous cooking shows.  The day will also be followed by guided tours, concerts, street artists, tastings and much more!                                                      

If instead we want to please Micol and her artistic soul, Vittoria said, we can stroll around the Favara’s alleys to admire the “Farm Cultural Park”, a new generation center with a strong attraction to contemporary art and innovation, located in the district called “The seven courtyards”.  We can also walk through the Enna’s alleys to be able to experience the “Frederick Week”, an event during the which the highest county town of Italy returns to the year 1200 and takes you to discover the historic districts that will be animated by medieval games. But there are many other places like Piazza Armerina with its true work of art and Unesco world heritage “Roman villa of Casale”, famous for its mosaic flooring  where you can imagine how Romans lived.                                                                         

Don’t forget that Francesca is technological, said Micol, and she will be happy to walk around Palermo and admire the street art artists; In every Palermo’s corner we can observe beautiful works of art on the walls animated by our smartphone with sounds and special effects.. Instead, to please Gaia and her romantic side we can visit Taormina, to see the Greek-Roman theatre where we can enjoy an excellent view of Etna volcan.

Morena loves sport and is an environmentalist, so Sara suggested to have fun at Lake Nicoletti which is located in the province of Enna. She finds it an ideal place for walks, to have an outdoor picnic on the shore of the lake. We can also do activities such as fishing or water sports such as surfing, water skiing, sailing, kayaking or other types of sports such as archery, climbing and mountain bike.                                                                                             

And to make Sara happy with cultural experiences, Morena said, we can choose an archeological site that becomes a game thanks to the Sicily History app for smartphones created by Catania Hi.Stories association. An app with the voice of a tourist guide combines augmented reality and 3D constructions and produces stories and characters with missions and riddles to solve… The player can win a prize to be spent in local markets. It’s amazing!     

At the end the teacher was delighted: “We have a lot of choice! Our Sicily is a land where colours, sounds, scents and emotions are the basic ingredients for an exchange between tourist and territory.” Francesca thanked our teacher and answered that our travel diary today could be richer since  we can even write more experiences than the artists of the past. The emotion that the travellers of the Grand Tour felt, it’s still here for us! For your alternative school trip suggest one of this place and you won’t change your mind because Sicily is a magic land!

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Gaia Caruso, Sara Fontanazza, Morena Scavuzzo, Francesca Allegro, Roccasalva Micol, Roccazzella Vittoria


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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