Animaniacs is back

n the 1990s, the “zany to the max” Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko, and Dot entertained many across the world in Animaniacs: the Steven Spielberg-produced American animated show featuring them as main characters. The series ran for over five years, from September 13, 1993 to November 14, 1998, before coming to an end. Over two decades later, a reboot of Animaniacs has been launched, also directed by Spielberg. In May of 2017, the streaming service Hulu ordered a two-season reboot of Animaniacs after observing a surge in the original show’s popularity when it was added to Netflix in 2016. Now, a number of people across the world are revisiting the cartoon they once knew and loved, or are being introduced to this witty show that remained lesser known for so long.

The original Animaniacs, created by Tom Ruegger, revolves around the lives of the three Warner siblings who live in the Warner Bros. studio water tower and create lighthearted mischief everywhere they go; this prime characteristic was based on that of Ruegger’s three sons, who tended to be troublemakers. Although Animaniacs is a fairly modern cartoon compared to many other well-known ones such as Felix the Cat and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the Warner siblings were drawn in the classic black-and-white style of 1930s cartoons to better reflect their portrayal as 1930s “cartoon stars.” Each episode features a variety of locations, time periods, and characters, which are all affected by the siblings in one way or another. Additionally, Animaniacs was known for its original songs—it was a musical show, after all—and its frequent breaking of the fourth wall, which many audiences found to be one of the most entertaining aspects of the show.

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