An unusual but rich kind of food: the corn

The panicle also called mazzocca is a compound inflorescence, formed by an axis whose branches form the racemes.

Generally, the collection of the cobs that we eat daily takes place between August and September. For the cobs to be ground, the plants are expected to dry out, so the harvest starts in September and ends in October.

The harvesting of the chopped is usually carried out even before the physiological ripening of the corn when the mushrooms are not in optimal conditions for the production of mycotoxins.

In Italy, the earliest types of corn bloom after about fifty days, while the most laggards after about seventy days, ie at the end of July.

A corn plant usually reaches a height of 170/180 cm which matures about 60/70 days after transplanting, each plant is usually able to produce 3 to 5 plants.

There are also cobs that are removed from the package and cooked in boiling water, then served with melted butter.

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