Journalist: today we are here in Genoa, in the Quarto district,  to interview the director of the  Giannina Gaslini Institute, usually called the Gaslini Hospital… good morning!

Director: Good morning.

J: what kind of hospital is it?

D.: , it  is a pediatric scientific hospitalization and treatment institute founded by Gerolamo Gaslini in 1938.
J:  when and how  did the idea of this hospital was born ?

D.: The idea of ​​building this great work was born in Gerolamo Gaslini in 1917, immediately after the untimely death of his daughter Giannina (Genoa, 1906 – 10 February 1917) at the age of only eleven due to peritonitis not diagnosed in time. His project from the beginning was not to build a normal hospital, even if necessary in a country very backward in the health field, but a structure expressly dedicated to “the care, defense and assistance of infancy and childhood”.  The structure was inaugurated on May 15, 1938, in the presence of Benito Mussolini who had been a supporter, and already in 1939 it was recognized as a first-class pediatric hospital.

J: Good! Well, let’s talk about the present. What program have you implemented to support the conditions of children in this period of pandemic?  

D. yes, since the early stages of Coronavirus the Institute has implemented  a program to support children and their families  with interviews in presence and distance with support and proximity activities, with the aim of identifying critical situations. I particular,  we have implemented  psychological and neuropsychiatric support the result is that the first post-emergency clinic is born at the Gaslini based on the reports  families. Moreover, we have  discovered a genetic relation between Covid and malaria, we’re studying them.

J. Excellent! Congratulations.! What about your collaboration with the university of Genoa?

D.: we have monitored the impact of Covid on families, with particular attention to children with chronic diseases.

J: how was this scientific investigation carried on?

D. through the compilation of an online questionnaire to monitor the situation and evaluate problems. I want to thank all the staff of employed, the doctors , pediatricians, neuropsychiatrits and psycologists.

J: thank you so much! Have a nice day!

D.: thank you!

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Salvatore Giammello-Ist. comp. O.G.De Cruyllas- Ramacca – docente: M. Tamburino




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