Journalist: We are here with Pedro Alonso, popular actor in Spain thanks to some Galician shows and to some TV series. Good evening Pedro!
Pedro: Good evening , thank you for this interview.
Journalist: Well, let’s start with the first question: we know that you have founded your own theatre company, can you tell us about its name ?
Pedro: Yes, I’ve   called  it  Grupo Dom.
Journalist: Could you tell us about your private life?
Pedro: Ok, I have a daughter, Uriel , and I am currently engaged  to Tatiana Djordjevic.
Journalist: You have  participated in Netflix television most viewed series La casa de Papel, what do you think?
Pedro: It’s great to be part of such a beautiful and exciting TV series and I’m so proud to have achieved  this milestone.

Journalist : I know you have written a book, Libro de Filipo, could you tell us about this work?

Pedro: the book tells the story of a Roman soldier, Filipo, on a mission to the east to locate potential enemies that could hinder the expansion of the Empire .

Journalist: and inside the book you  can find the paintings painted by four hands together you’re your girlfriend.

Pedro: that’s right.

Journalist: congratulations on your career, Pedro!

Pedro: thank you! Read my book, please!

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