Journalist: Good evening, Alvaro.

Alvaro: Good evening.

Journalist: Welcome to our program!

Alvaro: it’s my pleasure.

Journalist: let’s start with the questions.

Journalist: what is your full name?

Alvaro: Àlvaro Antonio Garcia Morte.

Journalist: what was your first film?

Alvaro: My first  film for  the cinema  was “The minos of the garden”, my first  TV series was “Hospital Central”.

Journalist: what is your relationship with your Italian voice actor?

Alvaro: There is a good friendship  with Andrea Lavagnino.

Journalist: why did you choose to be an actor?

Alvaro: I have dreamt to be an actor since I was a child and I am proud and happy I’ve made a dream come true!

Journalist: are you married?

Alvaro: I got married with a stylist , Blanca Clemente, and we have two  twin daughters,  Julieta and Leon.

Journalist: How did you feel on set when you shot The paper house?

Alvaro: I had a great time and I usually have a lot of fun every time we make a film!



Salvatore Incardona e Maria Chiara Catanese- Istituto comprensivo O.G. De Cruyllas- Ramacca, teacher: Marilena Tamburino


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