Should people who are working or studying hard do regular exercise?

The correct answer is, obviously, yes! Even if you aren’t working hard you must do regular exercise. You are probably thinking that the only benefit of exercise is to stay fit but it has a lot more advantages.

During the day you could find yourself in a stressful work or maybe studying till late, but exercise regularly can clear your mind and make you think more understandably, and also has benefits while sleeping. Doing exercise and working/studying at the same time should become the perfect lifestyle for everyone.

Nevertheless, maybe it’s better not to do it every day because it’s not good for your body and it also takes a lot of time, so it’s better to do it every two days or to personalize it depending on your programs.

Personally, I think that if you study or work hard to improve drastically your abilities, you could exercise regularly as well even without paying any money, for example doing aerobic exercises at home! In conclusion, I firmly believe you should do regular exercise and stay fit, and without a doubt treat better your body!

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Cicciarella Gabriele


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