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Hi everyone, I’m Giuseppe, your Formula 1 “commentator”. Today I want to talk about a Formula 1 race that will probably go down in history. This race took place in Bahrain, during the Sakhir Gran Prix, in the 2020 season. 2020 was characterized above all by Mercedes domination but in this race a Mercedes did not win.

But now let’s talk about it seriously. It’s 2020, the undisputed world champion of Formula 1 is Lewis Hamilton who has clinched his seventh world title as Schumacher. But in this race Hamilton does not run because of Covid 19. His replacement is George Russel, who ran in Williams. Coming out of Williams for a race, the rider of the English team is Jack Aitken, an F2 driver. Even the French driver Romain Grosjean cannot race for the Grand Prix after his car crash in Haas when his car caught fire and he suffered severe burns. In his place Pietro Fittipaldi runs, son of the great Emerson. In free practice the fastest cars are the Mercedes that dominate in front of the Red bull and Racing Point. In qualifying, the pole position is conquered by Valtteri Bottas with the Mercedes in front of Russel. Then there are Verstappen and Perez. Bottas starts badly and in the second straight he risks to be overtaken by Leclerc, Perez and Verstappen. But Leclerc brakes too hard, hits Perez and sends Verstappen out. Leclerc and Verstappen are out of the race while Perez has no damage and restarts. He returns to the pits and he is in the last position. The race restarts with Russel first and Bottas second; the Mclaren of Sainz and the Racing Point of Lance Stroll are behind them.

In the meantime, Perez recovers the first positions on Haas and Williams. The first classified Russel is the fastest on the track. Perez recovers also on Vettel, Norris and Albon’s Red Bull. The first pit stops arrive. Russel’s pit stop is fast but Bottas’ one is a disaster. Meanwhile, Aitken has an accident and there is a Safety car. But Mercedes finds out that Russel’s tires are wrong so they stop to change the tires. Meanwhile, Perez is first during the Safety Car because he made the pit stop and recovered all positions. The Safety Car ends and the drivers leave. Russel starts his comeback with an amazing overtaking on Bottas. Stroll and Ocon then pass and he is second. Russel almost reaches Perez when the mechanics tell him that he has a flat tire. He stops at the pits and at this point there are 8 laps to go and Russel is too far behind. Perez wins the Grand Prix. Second is Ocon with Renault who wins his first podium in his career and third is Stroll.

Wonderful race for Perez who was last at the end of the first lap and for Racing Point. It was also nice to see some teams that are often in the middle of the grid in the first positions.

Sergio Perez wins thrilling Sakhir Grand Prix
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