American most filmed cities

Two of America’s most filmed ciities are New York and Los Angeles.

New York has been the set of a lot of films and of the 5 disctricts the city is divided into Manhattan is the most filmed borough: Spider – Man far from Home, Avengers and Endgame were filmed there. Harlem, in the North of Manhattan, Central park, in the middle of Manhattan, and Greenwich Village are famous locations, In Greenwich village the award winning TV series The Marvellous Mrs Maised was mostly filmed.

Los Angeles is also a favourite film location. Venice, in West Los Angeles is particularly picturesque: it is famous for its canals, beaches and two-and-a half mile boardwalk along venice Beach. Once it was a slum housing immigrants and, in particular, holocaust refugees. Today everybody wants to live there.

UCLA (the University of California, Los Angeles) is another favourite location. Its colors of blue and gold represent the sky and the golden sandy beaches. The Campus is near Hollywood Boulevard or the Walk of Fame.

Los Angeles is the perfect location for action movies. From 80s classics like “Commando” and “Beverly Hills Cop” to more modern features like “Iron Man” and “Transformers,” the LA area has been home to some of cinema’s biggest adrenaline-filled moments.

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