We live in a society based on appearance, in which likes and followers affect self-esteem. The fear of disliking is a more widespread problem than it is believed among today’s young people (and not), sometimes leading to extreme changes of one’s lifestyle, such as strict diets, excessive sport up to be a victim of eating disorders; all this with the sole purpose of getting closer to beauty standards (sculpted body without stretch marks, cellulite..) often attainable as unreal thanks to new technologies that allow people to edit photos.

Social media allow you to post photos, to show off like being in a window, where everyone has access, almost creating a competition in which the “perfect” body is praised by thousands of likes and appreciations.
“Perfection” corresponds to a thin body, without cellulite and stretch marks, to a bright face without a pimple or a wrinkle, something quite impossible! Young people, inspired by social networks models, feel themselves dissatisfied, thus creating a great psychological discomfort.

We should begin to normalize bodies in all their varieties , in all their beautiful features . Let’s stop feeling inferior. All bodies are perfect!

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