Alba González Villa Flores

 Alba Flores is a Spanish actress, known to the general public for having played the character of Àgata Jìmenez, Aka Nairobi, in the television series La casa di carta. Alba Flores is the only daughter of musician and composer Antonio Flores and Ana Villa, a theatre producer; she is also the granddaughter of Lola Flores, granddaughter of singers Lolita Flores and Rosario Flores, cousin of actress Elena Furiase. During her childhood she was repeatedly discriminated against and called a “gypsy” because of her gypsy origins as she recounted in a recent interview. Since 2013, she has played the role of Moroccan lead Jamila in the Antena 3 series Time of Courage and Love, set in Spain and the protectorates of northern Morocco, following the Spanish Civil War. This was followed by an appearance in the TV series Cuéntame cómo pasó.
In 2015 she joined the prison TV series Vis a vis, where she plays Saray Vargas, a gypsy rebel facing a conviction for assault and armed robbery. In 2017 he joined the TV series La casa di carta, playing the soul of the Professor’s gang: the young and beautiful Nairobi. Its origins we know that she is gypsy. She comes from a famous family of Spanish artists. His father Antonio Flores is a musician and composer, who died of an overdose in 1995. Her mother Ana Villa is a stage producer and raises her own after her father’s death.

Some interesting news too: Her father, a producer, composed a song dedicated to Alba, entitled “Alba” . She was only nine years old when her father died and soon after her grandmother died too. She is vegetarian.She has also performed in theatre. In 2009 she has recorded her father’s song I cannot fall in love with you for the soundtrack of a movie by Roberto Santiago.

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