AFTER: a best-selling books among teens

“Whatever souls are made of, hers and mine are the same” – a famous quote by Emily Bronte has recently been used to describe “After”, a best-selling book that has won the hearts of young people.

Anna Todd, a famous writer, began her career on Wattpad, a website where people are free to write stories and many indipendent writers try to enter the publishing world. Anna started writing “After” in 2012 and, seeing public interest, she continued to write about this story.

Tessa, a perfect girl, with perfect grades and, let’s say, a perfect life, goes to college where she meets Hardin, a typical bad boy, full of tattoos, who doesn’t care about school and only thinks about parties, girls and a stormy past. Hardin finds in Tessa a perfect challenge, a sweet girl who does not let herself be enchanted by anyone, but finds in her the light that he had lost for a while and Tessa finally lets herself be overwhelmed by the passion and freedom that she had never felt in order not to ruin the life she thought she was living. Tessa and Hardin end up falling in love, putting themselves in a toxic relationship, full of pain and passion.

In 2019 the film came out and we all went to the cinema to see the film the whole world was talking about: However, many were unhappy with it, especially those who had read the books. The film, objectively compared to the books, is very senseless and full of gaps in the plot. I highly recommend you see the films which are now two, but please read the five books first…You will fall in love with them!

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