For twenty– six years, on March 21st we have gathered in the squares of Italian cities in those places and colorful processions with thousands of young people to fill the pain of family members wit life and hope and to mark together all the names of that place: it is a sad list. A way to revise those men and women, boys and girls so as not to let ideas witnessed die the example of those who fought the mafias openly and did not succumb to threats and blackmail that required them to derogate from their civil professionals duty but also the lives of those who in spite of himself in the trajectory of a bullet or victim of powerful explosives aimed at others. Pulsating life stories,  of passions,  of sacrificies, of love for the common good of affirmation of denied rights and freedoms

March 21 is also a moment of reflection, deepening and encounter of relationships and living testimonies. And also the moment in which to give space to the denunciation of the presence of mafia criminal organizations and cohabitation with politics, economics and deviant Freemasonry. But above all i tour way of asking for justice for the families of all  those victims, and less then 70% of them do not know the truth about the principals or executors. I believe that every day each of us should remember what the true civic values are: legality and great responsability in building e healty society with the same will to fight oppression and a mafia mentality.

So,  not silence but a desire for change.

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Tiano Antonino