In Rome, in the Monteverde district, there is a small library where you would never expect to find it: in an abandoned refrigerator. “Waiting for the Ama I become a bibliofrigo” we can read on the door. Inside, the sculptor David Renka and Mr. Fabrizio have arranged plywood boards. And so, what was simply waste to be disposed of has become a street bookshop. Which, however, has its usefulness: being close to the tram 8 stop, those waiting for the vehicle can spend time choosing a book. To read comfortably at home.

“You can leave and take books for free, being careful to open the door with sanitized hands and let the book rest at home for a few days before reading it” suggested by ArtSharingRoma, who specified that “this is the official protocol also for public libraries “.

As told by Fabio Grilli in RomaToday, the transformation of bulky waste into a precious urban furniture, which stimulates participation and conveys culture, was also appreciated by the Capitol. “The closed mind of a filthy man only knows how to bring about degradation; the open mind of our citizens knows how to transform degradation into an opportunity for culture and enrichment,” commented the president of the Environment Commission Daniele Diaco.

I am talking about this because it made me think that in any case, despite the fact that it was a bulky item that must be thrown away or in any case recycled, in the meantime it can turn into something that, even if in its small way, can increase a person’s cultural baggage, through a simple book on science or nature that can make known things that perhaps you did not even know about their existence before.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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