Subnautica can make you relax and discover a new world. It isn’t a violent game and allows you to explore the sea and create bases where you can live. This videogame is for everyone because it’s a simple story and because you can meet many cutie creatures, like The Cuddlefish which is a friendly species of fauna.

Subnautica is “an open world survival action-adventure” video game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

The game is set on an alien ocean planet. It’s a huge open world full of wonders and dangers. You find yourself in an alien planet, Planet 4546B in an oceanic world, after a crash landing with your ship Aurora.

The only direction you can go is down. The main character has to find a cure for an alien disease. The world of Subnautica presents sunny coral reefs, dangerous and deep chasms, expanses of lava and bioluminescent underwater rivers.

You have to manage your oxygen reserve while exploring algae forests, underwater highlands, cliffs and winding cave systems. Water teems with life: a part of it is useful, most of it is hostile. There are countless fish breeds that you can catch, put in a reactor to create energy or breed them.

There’s also a Reaper Leviathan that attacks all living beings.

This game creates feelings of exploration, discovery and attraction to the unknown.

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