A new life for chewing gums

How often do we get upset when a piece of chewing gum sticks to our shoes?

Well, in London, a brilliant girl has discovered a way to avoid this inconvenience, not dirty our streets and create something new, such as key chains, mobile phone covers and even boots.

Anna Bullus, a brilliant designer, has, in fact, found a way to turn chewing gum into everyday objects. The main ingredient of the chewing gums is the rubber base or synthetic rubber, a polymer similar to plastic and therefore recyclable as plastic.

Her project, called Gumdrop, was born in 2010 and consists in the realization of particular bins to collect chewing gums and give them a new life. These are baskets of a beautiful pink color and bubble-shaped, themselves made with the collection and recycling of chewing gum. In 2011 Gumdrop offered free trials to anyone with a gum litter problem in the UK and since then universities, shopping centers and airports have used Gumdrop bins to tackle gum litter.

Cleaning the streets of chewing gum is a difficult and expensive process and this original initiative should be adopted by everywhere.

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Sara Miceli


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