A Kiss and a message of love

Happy birthday, “Baci” Perugina!

This year “Baci” Perugina celebrate their 100 anniversary.

Their story dates back to 1922 when Luisa Spagnoli, one of the most influential entrepreneur of the early twentieth century, had the brilliant idea for a new recipe of chocolates. The special chocolates consisted of chopped hazelnut and melted chocolate inside and dark chocolate outside topped with a whole toasted hazelnut. Their original name was “Cazzotto” because they resembled the knuckle of the hand, but Giovanni Buitoni, co-founder of Perugina, changed the name in “Baci”, more suitable for Luisa’s creation.

Years later, Federico Seneca, the Art-Director of Perugina thought of wrapping each kiss in a message of love, inserting romantic phrases inside the famous starry envelope, inspired by the secret love between Luisa and Giovanni.

The combination of the recipe, the name, the message in different languages and the packaging were a winning formula and “Baci” became so popular that in just 5 years Perugina sold 100 million “Baci”.

Today “Baci” Perugina belong to the Nestlè group that is in 187 countries and that is the leading food company in the world.

Perugia celebrates “Baci” Perugina anniversary and all the workers that have contributed over the years to their success with a special cake. The “Fabbrica di Baci” is enveloped with a light installation and the Perugina Museum opens its doors to people who want to know the story of these famous chocolates.

Fashion brands such as Dolce and Gabbana are contributing to this celebration with the creation of “100 Years Celebration Collection” and a new limited edition recipe is dedicated to Valentine’s Day 2022.

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