Since the early years of the internet,  social media is something that has always existed, even if in different shapes and forms. With  most things on the internet, they too have an utilty, Which is to allow its users to post pictures, videos, or literally anything on your page and let the world see!! Which has been a big advantage for indipendent artists and such, as more people would get the chance to see and appreciate their work!! But social media isn’t strictly a marketing tool as one could think from my very little and (for now) not-in-depth explanation, cause as the name of their cathegory suggests they are in fact also social tools!! Personally, i met some of my closest friends on there, which proves the “never EVER follow/friend strangers on socials because its dangerous!!” which is true, but not fully. It is true that bad people and predators can roam around where you’d least expect it, but honestly these kinds of warnings only spread unnecessary fear and excessive waryness. The truth is, ost pedophiles (if that’s what you’re afraid of) AREN’T masters of deceit, most of the times they’re either so straight forward they drive you away instantly, or really bad actors,, cause let’s be honest what greasy 40 year old man types EXACTLY like a 14 year old girl? Bad people are not what i worry about a lot, i personally use tumblr, deviantart and instagram to post my drawings, and the art side of instagram (which i will use as an example cause its the most popular of the three) isn’t  the most dangerous, although bad things can still happen on it!! Example: art theft, someone drawing immoral things, and much, much more.

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Sofia De Leo, Giulia Calleri, Sofia Amante, Sofia Nicolosi.



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