A delicious dessert, Sicilian doc!

We are talking of course about the Sicilian cannoli of Sicily!

According to various people, the Sicilian cannoli has one of the best known and traditional sweets stories.

The Sicilian cannoli was born in Caltanissetta by modifying the recipe of a traditional Saracen dessert and adding the typical Sicilian elements to it. Another hypothesis supported by the historian Gaetano Basile is that the cannolo was born as a carnival dessert because being punctured on both sides it was considered a joke.

Today there are various versions of this dessert, for example in Palermo razor clams were born which are small cannoli but with a taste identical to the original ones. Another version is the one that was created in the Trapani area which unlike those of Palermo are larger in size.

But we haven’t asked ourselves yet: why is it called cannolo? Well, the answer is simple, the name is simply linked to its original production, in fact until a few decades ago the cannolo wafer was rolled in the reeds of the river that has the same name.

We can conclude by saying that cannoli is a very good dessert that you certainly love and I recommend that you try it now if you haven’t done so yet and if you have the opportunity to go directly to Sicily, which is its city of origin.

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Bryan Medici, Cristian Laudani, Francesco Zappalà


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