Scouting is an international and universal movement whose purpose is the physical, moral and spiritual formation of world youth. Born from an idea of ​​Robert Baden-Powell (called «B.-P.» by scouts from all over the world). This educational method is based on volunteering and learning by doing outdoor activities in small groups.

These groups are called differently according to the age of the children. Children aged 8 to 11 are part of the “pack”, from 12 to 16 “ward” from 16 to 21 “clan”.

The activities of each group are different and they meet at different times separately, only for parties e.g. thinking day. Each of them has a uniform and a handkerchief of different colour . The uniform is worn during the ceremonies, the handkerchief at every meeting. During the year, outings are made which in the pack and in the department are organized by the leaders while in the clan they are organized by the boys themselves. Scouting is difficult to put into words because it is an activity full of emotions.



Francesca Di Stefano


III E Liceo classico
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