Bullying is a form of physical, verbal  and psychological violence.  

 Unfortunately this phenomenon is carried out in several school environment

as well another phenomenon called  CYBER BULLISM that is a form of bullying  on technological devices.

 The bully wants to target a person who appears “different” to him.

Why does the bully do this?  It happens  for various reasons,first of all they have troubles inside their families and so they try to appear stronger than their peers

How Is it possible to avoid it?

 *you must  always talk to teachers or parents  and don’t underestimate bullying.
* you must denounce it
 * you must use  the internet and all the social media in a conscious way
*you must  be  sure of yourself
*you must  avoid  dangerous situations

Only 1 in 10 victims tell an adult about being bullied.. Often this lack of communication is for embarrassment or fear.

Anyway the statistics on cyberbullying speak for themselves: this is a serious, relevant  and persistent problem. It’s important to take evidences  that can help to limit the episodes and fight against .

I think that nowadays bullying is much more widespread than years ago; luckily there is much more talk about it and  there are some ways to fight it; personally, I have never experienced   but I know many people who have been victims of it. It is a nonsense to insult the others to feel better instead of asking for help.  I really  hope that over the years this “phenomenon” can definitively disappear.

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