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Today I talk about the end of the state of emergency but before I talk about all this I talk about how this matter started and how we got to this point.It all started in 2019 when in China a new disease, COVID-19, spread.

The situation in China was not the best given some images showing doctors asleep on the floor in hospitals exhausted from work which increased along with the increase in infections.

But everything that happened in China is nothing compared to what will come next.

In 2020, COVID begins to expand to other states as well the total lockdown was announced on 9 March of that year. This lockdown can be from two points of view the first is that of children who see him as an imprisonment that prevents him from doing what he is used to doing at that age or to play, the second point of view is that of an adult or a teenager who considers this “imprisonment” as a way to be more in the family.

In April 2020 the freedom to go out is given but with a limitation or the mask and therefore more than freedom it is a small gesture to return to the former life.

2021 is a year where restrictions are added and vaccinations begin with which you get the green pass you need to enter places, therefore a restriction.

The vaccine was useful and thanks to it the infections begin to decrease and we have had the green light to return to live.On March 31, 2022 the end of the state of emergency declared thanks to which we will recover all that we have not been able to do in recent years.

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