The brief stories of four special women…

Yesterday was March 8th, the day on which the “Women’s Day” occurs. It is a day when we all should remember that many women are still exploited, abused or discriminated against, but I think today can be a good occasion to remember some of them who are fighting for their rights and for the common good. I will briefly tell you some of their stories. 

Vandana Shiva (India)

Vandana is an activist and environmental scientist who fights on the front line to defend the planet, forests and populations, her battle is against GMOs and agri-food multinationals. She argues that it is necessary to defend the uniqueness of what we eat and what we use to feed our children.

Diana Trujillo (Colombia)

At the beginning, Diana’s life was very hard, a migrant, a minor, with no experience she succeeds thanks to her tenacity and enormous sacrifices to graduate in aerospace engineering, a sector that has always been reserved for men only. She was the only South American to reach a position with NASA. In 2014 he became the head of the “Perseverance” mission. Today at the age of 40 he led the Perseverance landing on Mars in search of traces of life.

Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran)

Nasrin is an Iranian lawyer and human rights activist. He dedicates his life to the rights of political prisoners, to the defense of women and children in the face of the Iranian regime. Because of her commitment, she is continually targeted and persecuted by the authorities. She was first arrested in September 2010 on charges of spreading propaganda against the state. Since then she has been sentenced and jailed several times. Amnesty International launched a campaign for her release and in 2012 she was awarded the Sakharov Prize for the defense of human rights. Her struggle against oppression has made her a symbol of the struggle for justice in Iran.

Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan)

Malala is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Since she was a child she has fought for the recognition of civil rights and for the complete and free right of education for women and children. Nearly fatally wounded by the Taliban who wanted to eliminate her as a symbol of the struggle for education, she was treated in the UK where she remained to continue her studies. Malala argues that education is the only solution to combat inequalities. 

These are just four small stories among hundreds and hundreds of stories of women who struggle every day, are committed, to build a better world made of equality, solidarity, respect, and freedom.

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