Zero is an Italian TV series on Netflix, released on April 21, 2021. In the cast there are: Giuseppe Dave Seke (Omar), Beatrice Grannò (Anna), Daniela Scattolin (Sara), Haroun Fall (Sharif), Virginia Diop (Awa), Madior Fall (Inno) and Dylan Magon (Momo).

The main plot line deals with Omar who would like to move away from the place he lives but he finds himself passionate about protecting his own community.

Omar, a Senegalese boy, born in Milan, lives in Barrio, the worst neighborhood in Milan. Omar has almost always lived with his sister Awa and his father, while his mother died when he was a child and he woke up every morning thinking it was his fault. He has always felt invisible. But he had a passion: drawing. He was fond of Japanese manga and he saved money, earned as a pizza delivery boy, to go be a cartoonist in Belgium. One evening he had to make deliveries to some wealthy lords in Milan. That evening he met Anna who had just left her boyfriend. Angry she vented by talking to Omar late and Omar fell in love with her.

Meanwhile, Barrio was in danger due to some terrorist attacks. While Omar was trying to put out a motorbike fire he was caught by Sharif and his friends Sara, Inno and Momo, who wanted to save the neighborhood from building speculation. Barrio was in danger: rent was going up and thugs were attacking the district to pull the price of its real-estate down. As Omar was about to be shot he became invisible without him even knowing how. The next day Sharif tracked down the pizzeria where Omar worked and convinced him to use his power to save the neighborhood from those trying to evict its inhabitants. They discovered that the invisibility arose from the emotions that Omar felt. From that moment Omar became “Zero” and this is why he wore his mother’s basketball jersey with the number zero. The different episodes deal with the problems Omar had to solve to save Barrio.

The first problem came when the usual vandals switched off the light and it took months to repair it. 10,000 euros had to be found. Then the boys decided to play poker and, thanks to the “invisible man” who secretly shuffled the cards, they won € 14,000. As the days passed it was discovered that the vandals were managed and paid by the “Little Mermaid”, a fake real estate company. Meanwhile, Omar became engaged to Anna and discovered that her father was the owner of the Little Mermaid, but he kept the secret for himself. The boys also tracked down one of the allies. They also found the terrorist’s house and when Zero was blackmailed by the owner of the Little Mermaid, the superhero made a video with his cell phone. But he was discovered and he was caught. He tried to escape with the others but he failed. Momo was stabbed and the team slit up. But after Momo’s miraculous rescue, the boys came together again to save Barrio. The police found out the truth and arrested the Little Mermaid terrorist.

In the last episode a mysterious woman appears. She knows about Omar’s power and Awa’s mysterious blindness. She is probably an ally of Little Mermaid and perhaps has something to do with the death of Zero’s Mother. This unknown woman puts many doubts on the series and gives Zero’s fans a hope of a second season.

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