Who is the current president of Ukraine?

Volodymyr Zelensky was born in Kiev in 1978. He started his acting career in the world of cinema and theater until he founded his own production company. One of his most famous tv series was “The servitor of the people” in which he paradoxically plays the role of a professor who will become the president of Ukraine.

This series was a prophecy because in 2019 Zelensky was truly elected president of Ukraine.

Zelensky’s election campaign was exemplary in fact he defeated his predecessor Poroshenko with 73% of the votes. He presented himself as the man capable of transforming Ukraine into a true direct democracy as much of the population asked.

Only the part of Donbass that remained under the control of the Ukranian authorities was able to exercise its right to vote, choosing Yurij Boyko. However, Zelensky was second in terms of votes even in the disputed areas because one of the fundamental points of his electoral campaign was the resolution of the war in the Donbass. Today, due to the war against Russia, Zelensky has acquired greater authority and credibility among his people

Since February 24th, 2022 he is committed to resisting and fighting against the Russian invasion.

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