Like almost all the boys of my age, it happened to me and I happen to follow some youtube channels. Initially, we click driven by curiosity towards the subject matter and then maybe we become attached to the youtuber who makes us smile the most, who talks to us about things that interest us or that we feel closest to us.

The Youtuber is an original video creator for the YouTube platform. These videos are dedicated to all kinds of topics, from video games to cooking, from music to fashion, reviews, excerpts from real life, news, live, sports, movies, humor, science and technology, travel, tutorials…; in fact, thank to this variety of topics they manage to capture the attention of many millions of users.

The popularity of the youtuber is established on the basis of the “Subscribers to the Channel” or the views of their videos. Since 2018, a threshold has been established by Google to start earning thanks to these videos: at least 1000 subscribers to their channel must be and the views must reach 4000 hours. Only in this way can you be called a real YouTuber. The earnings come mainly from sponsors and advertising.

By consulting the network, here are the most famous youtubers in 2021 based on subscribers:

  1. T-Series: 181 million (Hindi);
  2. PewDiePie: 110 million (English);
  3. Cocomelon: 110 million (English),
  4. Set India: 103 million (Hindi);
  5. Kids Diana Show: 78.2 million (English);

 And here is the ranking of the youtubers most famous 2021 based on subscribers in Italy.

  1.  FavijTv – 6.14M.
  2. Me Against You – 5.82M.
  3. iPantellas – 5.42M.
  4. St3pNy – 4.32M.
  5. 5 creative minutes – 4.21M.

At the end of this article, I allow myself to reflect also thanks to a recent experience made at school this year, which took the name of “Safer Internet Stories”; the world of the internet is certainly fascinating and if we know how to use it with intelligence it can help us to learn, broaden our horizons, exchange ideas and why not even have fun, the important thing is to always use your head and not think that our life is only behind that “CLICK” !!!

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