The human being: a complex and intertwined whole of emotions, feelings and moods that depend on our relations with the outside, and that very often resonate in our mind and trigger reasonings that condition our expression.

All our emotions are managed by a small complex, called amygdala; but how is it possible that such a small thing can condition our day or sometimes our entire life in good and bad? Well, unfortunately, it all depends on what surrounds us: our emotional relationships, the behaviour of the people we think are important and the public opinion’s judgment of us. The man, each day, says millions and millions of words, but very often he expresses himself with superficiality without thinking that the spoken words can meet a shortcut without defences (such as courage, self-confidence…) that leads to our sheet of paper: the heart. Yes, the heart is a sheet of paper that in every situation that makes us feel bad, wrinkles up to curl up or tear permanently; so why not think before talking or before expressing a judgment about someone or something? Because remember: “excuses will never have the same weight as the words spoken”. Now, try to reopen the paper, is it torn? Has it folds?



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