Being young in 2020 is not as simple as it was some time ago. Technology has developed a lot and has given us the opportunity to shorten distances and times using super-fast means of communication, but it has also put instruments in our hands that can become dangerous if they are not used in a correct way.

Social networking sites are used not only by young people but also by adults, not only by good people but also by bad people. Unfortunately, no one tells us about the big dangers that this world can cause. We may be more at risk on the Internet than on the street. This is often caused by the fact that not everyone is well informed about what is happening and what could happen.

Social networking sites are worlds in which each of us can be who we want to be: ourselves or a completely different person. In this world, you can decide who to communicate with and who to relate to, starting with the people you frequent in the real world and ending with the people that are unknown to you. But the rules are very hard: if you don’t follow the group, the fashion of the moment, if you make a small mistake, it can end very badly. Photographs, comments, videos and much more can follow you for your entire life. These elements, in some cases, can also lead many young people to suicide. In the world of social media, if you have left a trace, that trace will not be deleted easily, because it will be shared by many other people for a really long time. The worst thing is that people do not realize that they have committed a serious mistake: ruining the life of another person.

If we want to use the instruments that progress puts in our hands correctly, then we must be the first to pay attention to other people’s lives and try to respect the people around us. Because the world of social networking sites is still a world for young people, but made of real people with feelings, people that we could hurt with gestures and words.

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