Young people and addictions

Teens are often influenced by their peers and often reject their parents’ advice. They sometimes use drugs, drink alcohol and start smoking without thinking about the consequences.

For many young people, using drugs makes them feel grown up. They sometimes think drugs can help them fit in and belong to a group. They use drugs to relax and feel good or to get high because they want to have more fun at clubs. Other teens use drugs as a way to escape from reality and to forget their problems. Anyway, using drugs doesn’t solve any problems and it can be very dangerous.

A lot of teenagers start drinking alcohol regularly and they sometimes develop alcoholism that is a chronic illness which cause health problems. These teens often don’t do well at school. Drinking can damage students’ ability to study well and to practice sports because it makes them feel angry, scared and depressed.

Some teens who drink too much may also leave school, have car accidents or commit crimes. Everyone can make decisions about drinking but keep in mind that it’s possible to enjoy a party or other events also without alcohol.

If people want to see their health destroyed, smoking is a very good way to do it. Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer and hearth disease. Like heroine or other addictive drugs, people quickly get used to nicotine that is in cigarettes. So, once you start it’s really hard to give up smoking. Statistics show that about 9 out of ten tobacco users start before they are 18 years old. There aren’t particular reasons to start smoking. It depends on psychological and social factors. Teens start smoking for a variety of different reasons: some think it looks cool, others start because their parents or friends smoke. Probably young people don’t worry about the serious consequences of smoking on health as baad skin, bad breath, reduced athletic performance, increased risk of illnesses.

I think that it is better not to start smoking or if you smoke to stop smoking on time.

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Elisa Talpau


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