Yesterday our grandparents, today the Nigerians

Behind the flight of millions of citizens from their countries of origin, there are reasons that we ignore or often fail to understand. Certainly, many are fleeing poverty, wars, and the dictatorship of the Islamic State, also known as Isis. The latter is an Islamist terrorist group that in 2014 proclaimed the birth of a caliphate, which is considered a successor of Muhammad.

There was a time, however, when the Italians were the ones to face the crossings on crumbling boats, who left with the hope of a better life, far from hunger and misery, and when we were emigrants we died in the Atlantic, today instead they die in the Mediterranean, in the indifference of all. The largest flow of migrants today is certainly the Nigerian one, many of them flee because there is little possibility of employment, others because they live in troubled family situations and think that Europe is the only horizon of survival; others, on the other hand, are eager for a better life and rely on some men with the promise of a job as a maid or waitress. These girls, often even minors, in order to leave contract a large debt that they should pay with part of the money earned, however, once they arrive in Italy they are forced to prostitute, and if they refuse the Nigerian mafia threatens the family left in Nigeria.

Others, on the other hand, are fleeing Boko Haram, a Jihadist terrorist group, born in 2002, whose violent actions have increased in recent years.

One thing is certain, no one leaves their home if they feel safe and satisfied, no one puts their life at risk except out of necessity or fear. Those who decide to take a risk, carry “hope” in their small luggage; they are not second-class human beings, they are not migrants fleeing to come on holiday, they are desperate people who must be helped and respected.

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Alessia Torre


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