Yes or no for abortion?

In this article we’ll go to treat an argument that has like protagonists the women, because it’s definitely delicate and brings the society to divide in two parts: pros and cons. 

In most European countries, the law allows abortion on request or provides such broad grounds on which abortion is permitted that it has been interpreted as allowing abortion on request. Nevertheless, access to abortion remains restricted in some countries. In several European countries, women have to pay for abortion.

Despite a wide variation in the restrictions under which it is permitted, abortion is legal in most European countries. 95% of European women of reproductive age live in countries which allow abortion on demand or for broad socioeconomic reasons. Abortion has always been seen as something wrong to be fulfilled as we think with the backward mentality of the old days, something unthinkable nowadays. We talk a lot about progress and modernity but if abortion still comes seen with a negative and wrong perspective, we have to ask ourselves if it’s the wrong act or today society thinking that is still remained in the past.

Even in our group, we’ve different thoughts. Like for one of us, think that the abortion it’s different on each case, like if it’s a teenage girl, she doesn’t have the prospective of how to be a mother, she’s still at school, she doesn’t have money to maintain the child,  the father of the child don’t care anymore about her or usually happens that parents of the girl, obbligate her to leave the house, don’t help her and sometimes repudiate her. The difference is for a grown up and mature woman, because she knows a little what to do and her parents are more inclined to help her.

For the other one in the group, it’s different, because this act, that woman decided to do, it’s not something to be afraid of, it’s normal and sometimes things happen like that. Making mistakes it’s normal in humanity, because the woman doesn’t have to feel bad or guilty about that. Age isn’t important even if you’re a teenage girl or a grown up woman.

This, as already mentioned above, is such a delicate subject that presents different facets and points of view, that even when we wrote this article we found ourselves against it. And you, are pro or not?

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Cavalieri Adriana, Cela Marsia, Sinaj Xhenifer



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